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Do you have a local business based in the New York area? Get Found By More Customers On Google Local Search

If you do this post is for you, I have an awesome guy that has been ranking sites in Google for years is currently ranked number one and two and five on the first page of Google for some very very competitive keywords based around NY SEO Services and local marketing. Hes a standup guy very trustworthy give stuff away for free that allows people to rank will and is really someone that you should connect yourself with if youre looking to do any kind of search marketing with Google or any of the other major search engines for that matter like Bing in Yahoo for example

How many more people would you like to walk through your door every day?
If you are local business and you are not utilizing the web to drive more targeted leads to your door every day you are really missing out on a huge piece of the cake local traffic is the easiest traffic to rank for and you don’t have as many underhanded black hat SEOs hanging out making it really really hard to get anywhere.


The first thing you need to do and focus on is increasing your brand awareness, the easiest way to do this is to just hang on social media platforms and discuss your brand you dont have to always talk about your brand as well as your own topic and discussing things related to your brand. Whats the best way to reach people and talk about your brand on social media Do exactly the same thing as you would normally do with your own real Facebook profiles, Twitter profiles Google plus profile and all of the other social profiles you would talk to friends you would join groups that have people talking about things that interest you you would like fan pages and get involved in conversations all based around things that interest you. See you would do exactly the same thing with your brand if you are selling for example blue widgets you would hang out in a group that talks about blue widgets now to sell them and how to market them online and how to make them better. And you would probably like things to do with blue widgets on Facebook and you probably share them in tweets about them and everywhere your name when you have something to do with blue widgets so now replace your name with your brand and thats all you do its that simple.

How to look at social media
Look at it like a big party because is coming to a party and tell everyone hey want to buy my stuff you get to know people get to get personal if the talk about your daily chores your daily events about their events whats going on in their lives and then once you get past all of that then you can start talking about business and its at that station someone normally says hey what is it that you actually do for living? And you think you know what I saw blue widgets, and he would say really funny because Im in the market for blue widgets, and is generally how conversation with the panic is exactly the same thing on social media.

If you’re looking for more information about how to get your name and brand out there and reaching more customers and people that are interested in your services or products please get in touch and would love to talk with you

The Difference Between Internet Marketing and Digital Marketing?
After we learned how to do marketing and promotions with the help of internet and digital media, we found out unbelievably faster means to reach out the potential and prospective clients in the most cost effective manner. The implementation of marketing ideas, when done through digital media, is called digital marketing. The main difference between internet marketing and digital marketing is the use of the real time live internet.

To implement the internet marketing ideas and technologies, you will need a live internet connection.
For digital marketing, any kind of digital channel can be used. Your Smartphone, computer, tablet, game consoles, are types of electronic devices that a marketer can use to reach the target consumers.

On the other hand, internet marketing, especially, uses internet to channelize the marketing efforts. Its a part of digital marketing. Digital marketing is not limited to the use of internet. For example, a new promotional offer can be sent to the consumers through sms, or mobile applications. While in case of internet marketing, a website, an email address, accounts with social media sites, etc will be required. And all these will not work without a real time live internet connection. Business owners with a substantial marketing budget can invest in marketing through radio and television. But for the small businesses, or start ups, bearing such a huge intial investment becomes too risky.

Internet marketing offers very cost effective brand development tools. With the help of those methods, a businessman take its newly formed brand to a vast number of audience residing in different corners of the world.

So, small business owners should understand the basic difference between digital marketing and internet marketing approach and utilize them appropriately. As both of them are related, you can try to find out ways to use them simultaneously.

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