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High Density, High Performance Windows ContainersChange the cost equation of delivering Windows VPS and cloud servers by maximizing hardware utilization and simplifying day-to-day management.Whats new in Parallels Containers for Windows 6
High Availability Windows Containers
High availability Windows containers increase quality and reduce churn and operational costs. Parallels Containers for Windows can be deployed together with Parallels Cloud Server and Parallels Cloud Storage to enable high density, high availability Windows containers.
Windows Virtual Machines
While containers provide the highest density virtualized servers, some service providers choose to deploy Windows VPS services using hypervisor technology to allow their customers to maintain and manage their own Windows operating system. Parallels Cloud Server includes Parallels Hypervisor which can be used to provide high performance Windows VMs. Parallels Hypervisor uses Parallels Cloud Storage to deliver high availability Windows VMs.
Virtualized Hosted Application Services
Hosted applications services such as those that support web or application workloads benefit from the isolation, density and performance enhancements delivered with Parallels Containers for Windows virtualization. Hosted applications require application isolation combined with high server densities to support a successful business model, which can be fulfilled through the use of templates as well as the management toolsets that arrive come with Parallels Containers for Windows.
Hosted Desktop
Containers-based virtualization is well-suited for hosted desktop environments where many similar desktops are hosted on the same server. Containers also provide benefits in disk space and memory conservation in hosted desktop environments, erasing the need for massive horizontal scaling of resources to support large numbers of desktops. KDDI, one of the largest telecommunications providers in Japan, relies on Parallels Virtuozzo Containers to deliver hosted virtual desktops as a key component of its Multi Cloud brand of cloud services. Learn more